Western Herbal Medicine

Are you looking for natural and effective treatment for your health concerns? Consultations and herbal treatment are available in Leichhardt, Sydney. Herbal medicine follows a naturopathic treatment framework and aims to improve overall health or target specific health complaints.

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Natural Skincare

All natural botanical skincare carefully crafted by Sonia. Brimming with beautiful aromatics and herbal goodness these skin products are organically sourced or wild crafted where possible. Products are free from synthetic fragrances and additives. Avoid phthalates, parabens, DEA's, styrene, silicons, etc found in most skin and cosmetic products.

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The beautiful and potent art of aromatherapy is used in perfumery, skincare, healthcare, home remedies and spiritual rituals. Sonia has practiced aromatherapy since 1999 offers expertise in

  • Contract blending
  • Creating personalised blends for your needs
  • Perfumery Workshops
  • Skincare, bodycare
  • Aromatherapy kits - DIY
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Medicinal Herbs & Beauty from Plants

As a fully qualified herbalist and aromatherapist I believe in the healing and restoring properties of herbs and essential oils.

As a traditional medicine, herbal treatment has been used for millennia. Modern Western Herbal Medicine remains a well established therapy for treating human illness and promoting well-being. By working with each personal health profile, diet and iridology, I create a personalised herbal treatment plan to get to the root of the health problem.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils as plant based therapeutics. A therapy in its own right, essential oils also offer complex natural fragrances and extensive skin care properties. I have been blending aromatherapy since 1999 creating products for sale in clinic and custom contract blending for international clients.

If you wish to create your own natural skin and body products have a look at my blog. There are simple recipes with easily obtainable ingredients, and you will love the results - natural, safe, effective.

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