Herbal Medicine


Herbal Medicine

Sonia treats all health conditions and promotes wellness through diet and herbal medicine. She specialises in gut, digestive and bowel complaints.   As an accredited herbalist with the NHAA, Sonia maintains traditional herbalist knowledge while undertaking ongoing professional education. Emphasizing simplicity and integrity of treatment, Sonia is passionate about whole foods, digestive restoration, stress reduction and taking time for yourself. 


What to expect

Visiting a herbalist is like any other health professional. Your history and current health is discussed. Then a treatment plan is worked out which includes dietary supplementation and/or changes and herbal medicines. A return appointment is scheduled in a couple of weeks to review the treatment and changes may be made depending on your progress




Fees & Cost

Initial Consult       $130

Follow-up               $80

Iridology only        $70

Herbal medicines. Start at $60 per 200ml.

Iridology is included in all herbal consultations.


Testimonial Miss K

I have a family history of polycystic ovaries, insulin resistance and thyroid issues. The results I have experienced from the treatment are long term. I have never felt better and I have the guidance Sonia provided to thank.


Testimonial Miss M

I have battled sugar cravings, bloating and fatigue for more than a decade. I tried everything. Sonia's 'gut rehab' treatment addressed my underlying food intolerances and digestive health problems, enabling me to lose stubborn weight and overcome daily energy drops. Every time I start to feel bad, I come in for a tune-up


Sonia is a fully accredited Western Herbalist and NHAA member with the following qualifications - Dip. Botanical Medicine, Dip. Aromatherapy, Dip. Remedial Massage, Cert. Iridology, Cert IV Training & Assessment.

Do you need support for the symptoms of your health condition? Whether it is fatigue and recurring infections that plague you, or monthly menstrual pain and PMS there is support for you. Sonia has helped patients with varied health issues including but not limited to allergies, infertility, menstrual health, prostate enlargement/BPH, hyper/hypothyriodism, stress, UTI's and digestive complaints.

As a patient you are treated holistically therefore your whole health and lifestyle profile past and present is considered.


Next Steps...

Call Sonia for a chat about any queries or to make an appointment at the Leichhardt clinic.