Natural Perfumery

Perfumes today are 20-30% natural fragrances and 70-80% synthetic. They also contain many other synthetic and irritating chemicals to prolong odour, aid dispersion and preserve the product. Some commonly used synthetic additives in cosmetics have been linked to allergies, dermatitis, migraines and endocrine imbalances.

Natural perfumery uses only naturally sourced essential oils, resins, base products and natural preservatives. Which means you do not have to worry about hazardous side-effects from artificial additives.

Natural perfumery gives you beautiful aromas with the benefits of aromatherapeutics.

Perfumery Course Sydney

Perfumery Classes

Regular classes for beginner natural perfumery blending are run through the Sydney Community College, Rozelle, Sydney.

These are for those with no blending experience, enthusiasts and anyone interested in creating naturally perfumed body products.

perfumery kit, perfume diy

Perfumery kits

Need a kit to get you started? I have put together quality essential oils, carrier oils, product packaging in a kit. No need to search endless suppliers to find the right oils. Kits are packaged in reusable wooden boxes to protect and store your essential oils.

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Have a look at the recipe blog for information on blending and DIY recipes using essential oils.

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