Perfume Oil – Eqyptian

This perfume oil is one of the easier projects to make yourself. Once you have settled on your perfume blend (which may take days or weeks if you are developing a signature scent) it’s a matter of adding the essential oils to an appropriate carrier oil.

The carrier oil should be a low odour vegetable oil with a good shelf life. You don’t want the natural odour of the carrier oil to interfere with the perfume. I like jojoba or camellia oil as both are light in texture and have minimal odour, but you can use almond or indeed any good quality vegetable or nut oil you have on hand.

Ingredients for 10ml perfume oil:

40 drops essential oil blend – 20 drops is about 1ml, so 40 drops is 2ml AND 20% of your oil blend. (See my formula below for Egyptian inspired blend)

8 ml carrier oil,  or enough to fill your bottle up to 10 ml

bottle with lid, dropper or roller. Whatever you prefer

Method: Add your essential oil blend into your 10 bottle. Add your carrier oil to the bottle leaving about 1 cm of air at the neck. Gently agitate the bottle by rolling it between your hands. Sample the oil, cap and you are done. If you wish to add more of a certain essential oil do so are wait a week or two for the perfume to ‘fix’ and reassess.

I have created an Egyptian Perfume Oil after visiting the Mummies exhibition in Sydney. I was inspired by the beautiful Egyptian jewellery, linen and artwork. Frankincense, coriander, myrrh, cumin, juniper, cinnamon and cedarwood were available then and are still available now. They also has access to roses, lotus and jasmine, either imported or cultivated.

Egyptian perfume essential oil blend using drops of each as indicated:

Frankincense 6, cardamon 12, cinnamon leaf 4, myrrh 2, Atlantic cedarwood 18, jasmine grandifolium 2,  juniper 6. I know this is 50 drops, so technically more than 20% but the result is gorgeous! If you are not a fan of cinnamon, omit it. The perfume is equally good without it.


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