Eau de toilette recipe DIY

Eau de toilette DIY

Eau de toilette (ETD) can easily be made at home with minimal ingredients. I recommend using a high alcohol spirit such as Polish spirit which is 95% ethanol. You can purchase it online in Australia currently.  However if you cannot find it, vodka (37% ethanol) will work but your product will not have the clarity you normally associate with spray perfumes. The higher alcohol content improves essential oil solubility and is necessary if you are using a lot of resinous oils such as myrrh, vetiver, patchouli etc.

This is the quick method, which allow you to add your essential oils immediately to the alcohol. Some blenders prefer to let their essential oil or perfume blend to sit or ‘fix’ for several weeks before adding the alcohol. You can do this if you prefer a long method.

An Eau de toilette is 4-8% essential oil.  A perfume is 15-20% essential oil. Keep in mind most essential oils are soluble in alcohol given enough time. Some perfume blends may take some weeks to completely dissolve in the alcohol. In this case just give them a little shake every few days and within 6 weeks all the oils will dissolve. Usually though, your ETD will be ready to use straight away. But, if you do allow another 6 weeks your ETD or perfume will develop and its depth will enhance, so it is worth waiting.

Ingredients for ETD – 20ml bottle:

Essential oil blend – decide on the concentration. I have used 8%, so that’s 1.6ml or 32 drops for your essential oil blend. Of course you can use more or less than this just remember to record your recipe and the concentration you used for later use. For this ETD I used: 10 drops sweet orange, 10 d Atlas cedarwood, 6 d neroli, 3 d vetiver, 3 d jasmine, 10 d patchouli, 10 d sandalwood. It is 49 drops so just over 8%.

18ml 95% alcohol OR vodka

You will also need a small funnel and a pipette to transfer the blend. You can blend your essential oils straight into the bottle if you like.


1. Transfer your essential oils into the bottle or directly blend into the bottle. If you are doing the long method, cap the bottle and leave for several weeks for the fragrance to develop.




ETD diy2. Add the alcohol. Add a little at first to incorporate the ingredients. Swirl and continue to add more alcohol.




3. Finish adding the alcohol and cap. Use the ETD immediately or wait another 6 weeks.




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