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Natural Skincare

Aromatherapy and botanical skin products. Completely free from additives and synthetic ingredients. Organically sourced materials.

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Learn Aromatherapy Blending

One day workshops at the Sydney Community College. Perfume blending using natural ingredients.

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Essential Aromatherapy - a multitude of uses

Aromatherapy is a beautiful therapy. It utilises the essential oils extracted from the flowers, leaves, seed, rind, wood and bark of plants which have therapeutic and aesthetic qualities.

Essential oils have been shown to alter mood and emotional states and can be used to improve concentration, elevate mood and reduce stress and worry. As with medicinal herbs the actions of essential oils are not limited to one body system. A single oil may have benefit in the lungs and respiratory tract plus have sedating effects on the mind and regenerating properties on the skin i.e.: rosemary.

The effects of aromatherapy on the skin are well established. Essential oils have excellent synergy with the body and remain a potent natural treatment for beauty concerns. Certain oils increase cellular renewal, support dermis, reduce inflammation and prevent wrinkle advancement. An example is the exquisite oil of Rose, pictured.


rose aromatherapy