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Sonia Washburn trained as an aromatherapist and remedial massage therapist, graduating in 1999 from Nature Care College in Sydney. In 2006 she graduated as a Western Medicinal Herbalist. For over a decade she was dedicated to remedial massage and postural bodywork and the establishment of Aromatica Clinic. She now practices aromatherapy and herbalism, specialising in digestive health, women's health, endocrine disorders plus all general clinical presentations. Sonia has extensive clinical experience.

As a traditionally trained herbalist, Sonia has created and manufactured therapeutic herbal and aromatherapy treatment oils, herbal teas and herbal ointments. Using natural botanicals and herb lore as inspiration, she hand-makes herbal remedies and aromatherapy based skincare.

Aromatherapy blending contracts include hair and scalp treatments, baby products and signature aromatherapy fragrances for the Korean brand Mucota.

Sonia enjoys sharing her knowledge and inspiration by teaching aromatherapy and natural perfumery at the Sydney Community College.