Sonia Washburn


I trained as an aromatherapist and remedial massage therapist in 1999 from Nature Care College in Sydney. But I wanted to do, more for my patients, so in 2006 I graduated as a Western Medicinal Herbalist. I established Aromatica Clinic in Lilyfield which specialised in aromatherapy and massage as well as herbalism and acupuncture. Now I practices aromatherapy and herbalism, specialising in digestive health, women's health, endocrine disorders plus all general clinical presentations with extensive clinical experience.

As a traditionally trained herbalist, I have created and manufactured therapeutic herbal and aromatherapy treatment oils, herbal teas and herbal ointments. While pregnant with my first child I became concerned about the commonly used toxins in body and skin products. Using natural botanical's and herb lore as inspiration, I hand-made herbal remedies and aromatherapy based skincare.

This passion for natural products has lead to the creation of toxin free, 100% natural skin oils. In my second pregnancy with twin boys, I was even more concerned about environmental toxins and the potential epigenetic effects of synthetic additives in cosmetics and household products. I have extended my range to include natural perfumes and aromatherapeutic products.

Aromatherapy blending contracts include hair and scalp treatments, baby products and signature aromatherapy fragrances for the Korean brand Mucota.

I love sharing my knowledge and inspiration by teaching aromatherapy and natural perfumery at the Sydney Community College.

Above all I believe your skin products should be beautiful, safe & effective.